⋅∘☽⋅ Alice Scarlatto ⋅☾∘∙



  • » AGE: 20
  • » BIRTHDATE: June 8th
  • » GENDER: Non-Binary
  • » NATIONALITY: Italian

  • » HEIGHT: 5'0 (~150cm)
  • » WEIGHT: ~160lbs (~72kg)
  • » ETHNICITY: White

  • » PRONOUNS: She/They
  • » ORIENTATION: Bisexual
  • » OCCUPATION: Barista/Carer

  • » Stand: Powerwolf
  • » Reference: Powerwolf (band)
  • » Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Short and curvy body, pale skin. Grey eyes, black hair with red bangs. They have tattoos on their back and arms, mostly floral designs and moon symbolism, with one large design on their back depicting a forest under the full moon. They dress up in black latex bell bottoms, with an intricate top of the same material. Their outfit has scattered spiked garters, bracelets, armlets, and a spiked collar. They usually have a red coat on, which is the only part of their outfit with some color. They have dangly earrings shaped like red crescent moons, and steel lip rings.

    They appear as a relatively normal, if somewhat eccentric, well-meaning person. Despite their mild demeanor, Alice is not at all the veneer of calm and quirky they put on. Consider their outward personality a maskt hat they put on for the sake of others.

    Within, they are a deeply bitter, resentful person, ashamed of their past (they blame themselves for beign abused - for the love of god get therapy) and bearing unbrindled rage. Alice's emotions are always a rollercoaster, and only through repression and forced control do they appear to outsiders as anything but. Alice still craves deep connection at the same time that they shun it and make no effort to achieve it. They feel completely lonely in the world, and they tend to romanticize their childhood and long past in Italy, to the point of obsession sometimes.


    Though Alice can be quite cruel and use their Stand in gruesome ways, she is not sadistic (as in, they feel no happiness causing pain) nor do they choose violence as a first resort. They will, however, choose it against people she deems to have lost their humanity, and thus no longer deserve to be treated like people (such as abusers, rapists, and the like).

    They dislike people who believe violence is never the answer, and thinks of them as weak minded individuals, because they do believe in utilizing violence to a point.

    Because of their ambiguous morality, they can justify a lot of things - like murder - but they have a line that they absolutely will not cross, and will actively harm those that cross it. They will not tolerate harm to children, animals, or the elderly, and follow a "the strong must protect the weak" mentality.

  • FEARS:

    Seeing their abuser again, their loneliness being eternal, rejection, and abandonment.

    above average knowledge in medicine (due to their Nursing degree), headstrong, and observant. Alice can remain relatively calm under pressure.

    Personal weaknesses include being stubborn and sometimes impatient. They're very angry on the inside, and have poor emotional control when repressing fails. Suicidal ideation is ever-present. They have Borderline Personality Disorder and Chronic Depressive Disorder, both currently untreated and undiagnosed. When under severe stress, they can suffer from minor hallucinations and dissociation.
  • GOALS:

    ✼ PRIMARY GOAL - Currently, they just want to reach a point in life where they are satisfied, and don't want to die.

    ✼ SECONDARY GOAL - In Italy, Alice is drawn to other Stand users, as happens with most. This causes them to want to learn more about Stands and how to better control and use their own.

    ✼ MAIN LORE ALIGNMENT - They are unlikely to care about any universe other than their own, and that is what will guide their decisions. Depending on how, and if, they develop as a person, they could be persuaded to join either side.

    Coffee drinks (yes that's a hobby), beating up their pillows in a rage, candlemaking, tarot, and karaoke

    None yet



    • » POWER: A
    • » SPEED: A
    • » RANGE: E(2M)
    • » PRECISION: D
    • » POTENTIAL: C

    POWERWOLF is a close-range power type, and its claws are formidable weapons. In addition to the raw power it provides the user, POWERWOLF has two unique skills. Lupus Daemonis and Lupus Dei.

    • Lupus Daemonis: POWERWOLF can make an enemy suffer from extremely vivid hallucinations and delusions in regards to their body. Its favored way of using this ability is to make enemies believe they have lost their bones, teeth, or senses. It can only activate this ability against one opponent at a time. It cannot be activated if Lupus Dei is being used. This ability is particularly strong against opponents who already deal with psychosis.

    • Lupus Dei: This is the "conclusion" effect of Lupus Daemonis. POWERWOLF can eventually "break" an opponent who has been under the effect of its delusions for at least five minutes. In this "break" state, the opponent essentially serves POWERWOLF's user, believing them to be some sort of divine and themselves to be their holy weapon. This effect is non sustainable for a long time, and can only last for up to 2 minutes. It can only activate this ability against one opponent at a time. It can only be activated on an enemy under the effects of Lupus Daemonis. This ability is particularly strong against opponents who already deal with psychosis, and even worse against those who hold religious delusions or trauma of any sort.


    Its range is 2 meters, and thus limits its usefulness. Due to its berserk nature, POWERWOLF has limited accuracy, and will struggle hitting small targets or with precise hits. Lupus Daemonis and Lupus Dei can be counter-acted by Stands that have a stronger influence on the minds of whoever is under their effects, or by removing them from Powerwolf's range for at least 10 seconds. Lupus Daemonis can also be counteracted by somehow proving the affected victim that they are under the effect of a delusion, though this is extremely difficult to perform unless the victim has a strong, resolute mind.

    POWERWOLF is a wolflike humanoid made of dark red metal. It has a semi-mechanical look to it, like most of the Stands in part 5 onwards. Its eyes are a bright yellow. Its body is segmented on the joints, chest, and torso, and it has some gold detailing on these segments. When Lupus Daemonis or Lupus Dei are active, two curled horns appear on its head, along with a halo, both gold in color.
    • prologue - the childhood's end has only begun

      Alice grew up in Napoli, in their family home. She visited her grandmother often, since they lived in the same neighborhood. Alice also found a childhood friend in Mandorla Amaretto, whose family also lived in this neighborhood . Alice believes themselves to have had an excellent childhood, and that it was the last time they were truly happy. At some point, though, Alice's family moved away to England. Having no one they knew in their new life, and having trouble making new friends, Alice became withdrawn and melancholic.
      Alice never quite became close with anyone since the move. The few friends she had always ended up drifting away. With each perceived abandonment, Alice becomes more obsessed with the idea of having a true connection, as well as, paradoxically, scorning the idea of closeness, and dismissing it as a fantasy. During High School, they somehow end up dating a guy close to their age, thinking this will be the connection they seek. But he turns out to be abusive, both emotionally and sexually. For a year, they bear the abuse, until something awakens in them and they break off the relationship. He does not take it well. Before he can harm them, though, Alice's Stand manifests. The Stand acts in accordance to Alice's inner turmoil, and maims their abuser. Alice is shocked, but not opposed to what transpired.
      Alice is initially wary of their Stand, believing it to be some sort of demon whose attention she caught. They soon realize, however, that it does not harm her, and instead protects her in many ways. They begin to isolate themselves even more, spending time only with their Stand, and losing all interest in relationships with "normal" humans. The need for connection is still there, but they repress it, believing they will never find someone worth their time, and shun anyone who tries to get close.
      After High School, Alice tries their hand at a Nursing degree, but midway through, they give it up. Their mental health is severely deteriorated at this point, and they don't feel capable to continue the pursuit. Additionally, news of their former abuser moving back in town reach her, and she is caught between panic and rage.

      In a strange twist of fate, their grandmother wants Alice to move in with her. Nonna heard about Alice's nursing degree, and asks if they wouldn't want to live with her as her carer in Napoli, since she's quite old. Alice does not need to think much on it - it feels like destiny giving them a means to get away from the source of their fears.
      And thus, she comes back to the city she grew up in, a far cry from the innocent child left behind.

      the current present

      Alice currently lives with their Nonna in Napoli. After a couple months since their move, Alice took a part time job as a barista at a local cafe, at Nonna Miranda's insistence (she believes Alice needs to go out more). At L'Ora D'Oro (ENG: The Golden Hour), they work from 4PM to 8PM, and can meet a variety of people. Either by fate or chance, Stand Users seem to be relatively commonplace at the cafe;